Horea Crishan was born in the Romanian city of Sibiu (Hermannstadt). During his studies at the Bucharest conservatory, Horea Crishan met many well-known musicians, most of them gypsies who played fantastic café and gypsy music. Their music had a great influence on Crishan and he learned a lot from the old masters. With his big heart for expressive, emotional music Horea fell in love with the fiery gypsy tunes. He idolized Georges Boulanger, the world-famous gypsy violin player from Romania, who was a great success in Berlin in his heyday.

After his state examination as a violinist at the conservatory in Bucharest he moved to the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 1975 he has played the violin for the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra in Hamburg. Hundreds of concerts in many different countries with the best-known conductors and soloists of the world made him into an orchestra musician with heart and soul.

As a musician in the NDR - Symphony Orchestra Crishan had had the chance every now and then to continue to play this music. Finally, though, he fulfilled his dream of forming his own small salon, café and gypsy music group: Horea performed with the help of his long-term friend and excellent accordion player Nicolae Turcitu as a duo or with other outstanding musicians.
Horea Crishan captivates his audience with his duo of violin and accordion or violin and accordion. He enchants with the temperament and romance of his music and with his thrilling tunes. He succeeds in giving every festive event a very special charm.

His repertoire includes:

Viennese music:
Johann Strauß - The Blue Danube, Frühlingsstimmen (“Voices of Spring”), Wiener Blut (“Viennese Spirit”)
Fritz Kreisler: Schön Rosmarin (“Beautiful Rosemary”), Liebesleid (“Lover’s Grief”)
Hungarian gipsy music
Russian gipsy music

Georges Boulanger: Avant de Mourier, Amoureuse, Pizzicato Waltz

Gipsy Song (Komm, Zigány), Jalousie (Tango Tzigane), Fascination (Valse Tzigane)
Thaïs Meditation (J. Massenet), Hungarian Dance (J. Brahms), Csárdás by Monti, The Lark etc.
For twenty years, Horea Crishan, the pan flute or violin soloist, has been a very welcome guest on many gala events and the big cruise ships like MS Europa, AM Amadea, MS Deutschland or MS Bremen.

Duo "Crishan" Horea Crishan (Violin) with N. Turcitu ( Accordion)
Horea Crishan with Alexander Gorlenko ( Piano )